Good Earth Oils: Nourishing Minds, Nurturing the planet.
Promoting a healthier, happier world - one meal at a time.

A Natural Vision for Change

Our vision is to be able to contribute in our own little way to eradicate the chemical footprint from the food supply chain. Sustainable sourcing practices of NON-GMO seeds for crushing from farms that have regenerative farming practices, chemical free processing of the oilseeds and protein meal with no chemical residue and higher fat content for animal feed ensure both human and animals receive nutritious benefits from our humble endeavour.

At Good Earth Oils, we believe in the powerful connection between what we eat and our mental well-being. Dysbiosis and gut inflammation have been identified as culprits behind mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, prevalent in today's society. The use of toxic chemicals in food processing contributes to irregular insulin production, increased inflammation, and oxidative stress, impacting brain function and mood disorders. What you consume matters. Processed foods loaded with synthetic chemicals disrupt the human digestive system, leading to an imbalance in gut bacteria and metabolism, ultimately increasing the risk of various diseases.

At Good Earth Oils, we envision making a meaningful contribution to eradicating the chemical footprint from the food supply chain. We prioritise sustainable sourcing practices, opting for NON-GMO seeds from farms practicing regenerative farming. Our commitment extends to chemical-free processing of oilseeds and protein meal, ensuring that the products you receive are not only good for you but also for the planet.

Join us on our journey to promote a healthier, happier world—one meal at a time.
Good Earth Oils: Nourishing Minds, Nurturing the Earth.